Frequently Asked Questions.

The Pomsky—a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian—is often referred to as a “designer dog breed.” This relatively new breed tends to be of the fluffy, cuddly variety.

A bi-eye Pomsky is a Pomsky with two different colour eyes i.e. (brown and blue).

A parti-eye Pomsky is a Pomsky with more then one colour in each eye.

We cannot guarantee size. Sometimes they may be under or over expected. Height tends to be 10-20 inches and Weight tends to be 20-30 pounds. When a Pomsky is fully grown their size will depend on their parents genetics.

Grooming: they have double coats with long, silky hair, and need daily brushing during the shedding seasons, which all up is about six months a year. For the rest of the time, their coats need brushing 3-5 times a week.

Exercise: these dogs need at least a 20-minute walk in the morning, and a longer one in the afternoon, plus one or two play sessions during the day.

Feeding: they need regular, healthy food in moderate quantities, however, they’re not fussy and have no special requirements.

We are in just outside the little village of Kilmeedy in Co. Limerick Ireland.

***** We do not accept deposits or reservations until our puppies are between 3-4 weeks old *****

When our puppies are about 3 weeks old and we can tell their eye colour, their estimated adult size, and how their coat is developing we will set a picking date. At that time we will post pictures with their prices. It is important to be prepared if you are serious, after a your choice is made, a non-refundable deposit of 1/2 of their set price must be made immediately to reserve your chosen puppy. Full payment will be due by the time the puppy is 8-12 weeks of age.

Markings, coat type, and size have a lot to do with pricing and they can vary from €1000.00 to €2500.00.

These can vary from €1000.00 to €2500.00.

Markings, coat type, eye colour have a lot to do with pricing and they can vary from €600.00 to €1500.00.

Yes. Dog breeders in the Ireland have the opportunity to be inspected by government & local vets. If you have the appropriate facilities for your dogs you are granted a license. The guidelines from the Local Authority & Veterinary Service in Ireland is about good practices and animal welfare. We pride ourselves in having the best facilities for our dogs.

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